Along with physiotherapy I participate in strong woman. I found this sport when I was not sure what else I could do sports wise to challenge myself to.

What was it about Strong Woman that captured me?

I had always been quite strong and have also been involved in some kind of sporting activity.  I came across a face book page which caught my attention.  So after a bit further investigation and speaking to a few people, my journey began on the Strongwoman path.  I began to train with a lovely bunch of people who made me feel very welcome and were so supportive.  I soon realised that I was no longer the freak of nature I thought I was.  This sport showed me that there are so many strong women out there!

I have to date competed in Britain’s Strongest Woman masters, England’s Strongest Woman qualifier, BodyPower, which is a massive stage for many sporting people of all different types of background and my biggest event to date, World’s Strongest Women, which was held in Raleigh, North Carolina!!!  I have competed at other smaller competitions in various counties but they were no easy feat believe me!

The strong woman community is getting bigger and bigger and is becoming more recognised.  More competitions for women are being put on and this not only gets women meeting new women but building friendships like never before.

My main love of strong woman?  Is knowing that who ever you are up against in the competition is also the one screaming the loudest at you to ensure you complete your event! Now this is true strength!

Events involved at Strong Woman.

What events do you expect at competitions? Well, this varies from organiser to organiser.  Most will have some type of deadlift, an over head press, with a log or a keg (yes a beer keg! don’t worry there will be no beer left in it!), maybe a pulling event, usually a sledge or you maybe lucky and have a truck to pull!!1 Not as hard as you may think.  Then there is usually the Yoke, farmers walks (my favourites!) and maybe a loading event which means a little bit of cardio is involved….

The events are spread out over the course of the day but I can assure you the day does whizz past! So if you fancy a go at something different, challenging and exciting, please feel free to contact me and I can hopefully put you in contact with some strongwomen in your area.

My Aim is….

My main aim is to bring this sport to women of all backgrounds, ages and abilities.  I want to be able to get women to realise that they are strong.  Along with this the stronger we are now (for us in our middle part of our lives) the better the out come for our later life (such as just normal mobility)

Together we build strong women!!!

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